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hi. I just wanted to send you an update on how Winston and William are doing.  They are both doing great! Winston has turned into a lovebug–he likes climbing onto me and being petted.  He is very sweet and acting more like a grown up cat in that regard than William, whose primary language is still play–William purrs when he sees me getting the kitty tease out!  They are both excellent hunters–woe be to any spider or fly that ventures into the house!  I know I can just sit back and let them take care of it. 🙂  They are both very good with the 2 older cats–even my tortie has warmed up to them over time!  They are both still very close to Chloe.  I am attaching a few recent photos. As you can see, Winston is still huge compared to William! 🙂






William and Winston

Oct 2021




Jasper is settling in very well!!!! Thank you for helping us get the friendliest kitten with such a great temperament and personality. He’s a true gem 💎
Karin ~


July 2020

Good Afternoon. She is doing great and is amazing!  Thank you again so much.





May 2019
Hi Cynthia! We wanted to send you a few photos of Miso – he is getting big! He is the most wonderful addition to our family and we love him SO MUCH! He still loves to cuddle : )
– Caroline + Reagan
Ash & Lies
December 2018

Hi Cynthia,

I wanted to say it was great to meet you, and how thrilled we are with Kumo.
He’s doing so well, traveled perfectly, no crying and he almost slept the whole drive back.
He went to the vet on Tuesday for a check up, and he’s a healthy kitty.
He’s settled in brilliantly, he cried the first night but now he’s completely at home. He’s eating and drinking well, very playful, curious and talkative, taking lots of naps and he follows us around everywhere.
I’ve attached a few pics 🙂

Thanks again and have a great Christmas

Ash & Lies



December 2018
Hi Cynthia! We wanted to send you a few photos of Miso – he is getting big! He is the most wonderful addition to our family and we love him SO MUCH! He still loves to cuddle : )
– Caroline + Reagan
August 2018

I hope things are good at Beauty Tracks Cattery! Today is a special day as it is Josie’s 1st Birthday! I just wanted to reach out to you to give you another update. Josie is the joy of our lives. She is extremely affectionate and is always very close where we are. She loves to play chase and hide with me and her most favorite toy is a ping pong ball :-).

Thanks for bringing her into our family!

June 2018
I am 44 years old and this is the first testimonial I have ever written. Since I was a young girl I have always been a cat person and had the pleasure of growing up in a rural area where cats were plentiful. I have owned rescue cats as well as pure breds, and appreciate the joy and beauty a cat brings into your life.

Sadly, 18 months ago I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. I had just switched careers and was in a job that I absolutely loved. I was also so worried about my future since I have a husband and two minor kids that mean everything to me.

Everyone has an idea of what they want their bucket list to look like. Many want to travel the world and eat in expensive restaurants. For me I wanted to own a British Shorthair cat. They are plump, regal and have the cutest smile! I have had an assortment of chemo, medication and surgeries. Weeks of radiation were quite difficult and this is when Alfie came into my life. My husband found an excellent breeder named Cynthia Falter at Beauty Tracks Cattery, who raised Alfie with love, attention and robust health. When I first held Alfie I could smell Cynthia’s perfume from all of the kisses she gave him.

I was afraid that Alfie would be beautiful, but standoffish, but that was definitely not the case! He cuddles, gives kisses and follows me wherever I go. Every day after radiation, he stayed by my side for hours, always keeping watch. My whole family has fallen in love, and he has bonded with each and every one of us. We have a million little nicknames for him and have a tendency to use baby talk since he is so adorable. His coat is lush and full and it feels like you’re wearing a fur coat when he sits on you. Alfie has brought so much happiness in our lives and our family will only use Beauty Tracks Cattery if we were to ever get another cat. These kitties are extremely healthy and loved! Thank you so much for bringing Alfie into our lives.

Sincerely, The Zucker family from Spirit Lake Idaho.

May 2018

Dear Cynthia,
This is Terri and I wanted to let you know how much we love Alfie. Please use us as a reference for prospective buyers. For my son’s Spanish class he is giving a presentation on Alfie. Alfie gets nonstop attention with cuddles, toys and love. He even fetched a ball a couple of times! Thank you!!

Hi Cynthia – Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful kitten. We are absolutely in love and he is perfect!! He has been falling asleep curled up in our neck and purring for hours! The best!

April 2018
Hi Cynthia, I thought you might like to see how Poppy is getting along. She’s been so much fun, we’re very happy with her and I think she likes us too. You weren’t exaggerating when you said she is super playful, she’s a real maniac and provides hours of amusement. She especially enjoys sewing and chasing feather bird. She’s turned out to be really sweet and very confident around people. She even met a dog and stood her ground. That was a big day.
Suzanne and Ralph
July 2017
June 2017: Getting close to a year old! They’re both doing great. Luna is very polite, curious, and dignified. Stella is a total goofball.
Update April 2018: I wanted to let you know that Ozzie is settling in well. Luna and Stella have accepted him, and he’s currently exploring the house with lots of confidence.
Thank you so much for sharing another wonderful kitten with us, I’m sure the next few weeks are going to be all kinds of entertaining.
Pamela, Sean, Luna Stella and Ozzie

(Stella is the blue one, Luna is the silver)

Sean and Pamela
June 2017
I just wanted to update you! She is quite the character! Very loving and loves to cuddle! She also loves to lay on my laptop keyboard to prevent me from doing homework! She loves the bathroom sink, and she LOVES to play in the water! She turned 2 today! ❤️

May 18, 2017
This little guy has brought so much joy to our home.  He is so loveable.
March 2017
Hi Cynthia!

Once again, we want to sincerely thank you for delivering our precious Danika to us in Pendleton yesterday! Ever since we brought Danika home, we’ve participated in a lot of quality play time with her and she has responded very well to our attentions. She seems happy and has spent  a little time on our laps already.
Dave and Cathy
Jan 2017
Hi Cynthia and Rohn– She is doing puuurfectly! On my lap purring and sleeping! Just thought I’d send a pic that everything is going great! Thanks again!!!! You raised a lovely kitty, she loves the Seahawks…lol!
Cindy and Denvie
Jan 2017
Hi Cynthia,

Quick update. Bentley is doing great! We’re so surprised how easily he’s acclimated to our house, and today my office. He has so much energy, is so cuddly, and walks around purring all the time! He’s eating great and using the litter box every time. We’re so happy with him, even more than we anticipated we would be. Thank you for having a passion for what you do and taking the time with each kitten to ensure they are so well adjusted before going home to their new families. The love and attention you give during the first two months is very evident and we are very thankful for this!

Thanks again for everything!

Amy and David
November 2016
Here’s a updated picture of Jeter & my mom in Fort Myers, Florida. Truly loved, truly blessed & truly growing bigger every day. We love him. Can you tell.  Thanks again for bringing him across the country for us.
Sept 2015
Hello Cynthia! Hope all is well with you!

Our kitty is doing great!! He’s getting big! We call him Killick..after a character in a book series my husband loves…lol… He is such a great cat!! He loves his “big brothers”… The 2 German Shepherds, and I swear he thinks he is one too! I can’t remember what his birthday is… we know we are probably getting closer to the time to think about neutering him. Thank u so much!!

March 2015

Here is a recent photo of Cooper along with a photo of the neutering certificate. Cooper has grown into quite the handsome young man and causes quite a stir wherever he goes. The techs at our veterinarian office just love him and even take photos of him to share with their friends. He has a very sweet temperament and his coat is so silky and soft, it is most often described as “bunny fur”. We both love him and are very happy to have him in our lives.

Jim & Rondi
Jan 2015
Hello Cynthia and family,

We wanted to take this opportunity to say hello. Ever since Hugo came home with us this August, we have been in love with our cat! He is a wonderful part of our family, and we can’t imagine life without him. He is curious, energetic, affectionate, and smart. He lets us hug him and kiss him. Everyone who meets him is charmed by his great personality and super soft coat! He even has an instagram page: @HUGODABOSSCAT. Here is a picture taken today.

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

Lee Family
Dec 2014
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Hi Cynthia – I hope all is well with you, your family and family of kitties :)
Pippa (Oasis) is doing wonderfully… she has fully taken over the entire household. Im pretty sure she thinks we are HER pets  and not the other way around lol. She is quite chatty especially when she wants our undivided attention and NEEDS us to play with her.  I love that we had the opportunity to get her from you :).
I’ve attached a couple pics just because.
Nov 2014
Thought I would send an update about Lexus, adopted in September by my husband Craig ,as a surprise birthday present for me. He is such a sweetheart I call him Precious. He loves to snuggle on my lap when he isn’t running around the house chasing paper balls or a piece of string. I plan to have him neutered in the next few weeks. He often makes some strange noises when he is sleeping likes sighing or moaning like breath sounds. I took him back to the vet after our initial visit but she thought he was fine. I thought he might have asthma but the vet said kittens don’t develop asthma, not until they are older. He has lots of energy and otherwise appears very healthy. Do any of your other cats make sounds like that.
We are really enjoying having a kitten in the house and of course he is totally spoiled .
Nov 2014
Hello Cynthia,
How are you? This is just a short note to let you know that Mads is doing well. He had a check up at the vet this morning. His doctor advised that he is healthy. She took blood work for his neuter procedure, which is scheduled for December 3. The women at the vet clinic are always excited when he visits. They gush that he is so handsome and soft. LOL Yes, I’m a proud mama! LOL
Once he’s neutered, I’ll send you proof, as per our contract, so that I can receive his Purebred registration paperwork. Please let me know if you need to see a copy of his exam done today. Have a great weekend!
Oct 2014
Abby and Bailey are doing wonderful.  The first 24 hours was rough but after that they have been attached at the hips!!  Bailey is always cleaning Abby and I think she gets tired of that.  They eat sleep and play together and have become best of friends.  It’s hard to get thier pictures but I will attach a few for you. Thank you again I just love them both!!
Oct 2014
Hi Cynthia,
We just wanted to let you know that we really do love the kitties, thank you very much for them and for meeting us…It was very nice meeting the two of you, you’re daughter is very sweet, it’s so nice now days to meet young ones that are so polite. Anyway, would you please keep me in mind for a boy when you have you’re new litter!    :)

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He really is wonderful. He has a huge purr and is a big time lap cat! He is very vocal which is funny and he also loves to carry his toys around the house in his mouth! Pretty sure he thinks his name is “so cute” at this point ? I’m working from home for the better part of most days so he pretty much just gets doted on all the time. We love him a lot!
Here are some more pictures for you.
March 2014
Hi Cynthia,

We have had quite a winter with lots of snow.  My girl is 6 months and I thought you should see an updated picture.  She is wonderful.  She dominates Skylar which is unbelievable…he is a first class alpha male.  Lots of entertainment in this household!!!
Molly’s application for papers is submitted.  She was spayed at the end of December. I hope all is well with you!  Take care.
Feb 2014
Cynthia, Diana and family…with fit and without :-)

I wish you a blessed Christmas.
My little Christmas helper! God bless!

Jan, Molly Adeah, and Skylar
Dec 2013
Cynthia, Just wanted to let you know we made it home to Spokane safely. It wasn’t great having Kyra in the cat carrier for the ride but I was able to pet her through the door and I knew she was strapped in and safe. She has been following me around the house and doesn’t seem shy. She is friendly and has been purring away when she sits next to me.  My other two cats are a little upset and have been ignoring her but in time they will all be able to play together. Thanks again for the opportunity to increase my cat family.

Update: Last night I had one cat on the back of my chair, the Persian beside me and Kyra on my lap. They do not play together yet but the growling and hissing stopped after 2 days. Merry Christmas.

Nov 2013
Hi Cynthia!
I just wanted to email you and thank you for everything this past summer with Walter. I wanted to send you a picture of the new kitten! His name is Paul and he is so sweet and spunky. He loves to run around the house and play in the bath tub–it really is the cutest thing. He also loves to imitate our dog, its adorable. He is so beautiful and still has his little stripes and markings. My vet says he looks really healthy and happy: he’s 7lbs already! I’ve attached a couple pictures of him. 🙂 I hope you are well and your cattery is happy and healthy as well!
Jan 2013
Thanks again for him. Emma is a pistol!  It didn’t take her long to take over the whole house. We have to keep the bathroom doors closed in order to keep her from playing in the sinks or getting into everything on the countertop.  when she’s really wound up she tears throughout the house at breakneck speed so I nicknamed her the “Galloping Gato”.
We did have some trouble with her the first evening though.  She weet on one of our sofa cushions and on the carpet so we  kept placing her in the sandbox to make sure she would void when needed.  We figured it was because we were using absorbent clay/sand so the next day we purchased the same Petco crystal stuff you had been using and that did the trick.
Emma is doing very well.  She’s a friendly, healthy, playful cat.  I also attached a picture of her with her favorite toy, a bird that tweets when you touch it. And here’s a video too.
July 2012
I was lucky enough to get the 2 cream colored kitties from the 11-11-11 litter. These little guys have such BIG personalities! EVERYONE who has met them has fallen in love with them (the girl at the vet told me she wanted to kittie-nap them but that’s against the rules!). I highly recommend this breeder and their wonderful kitties!
May 2012
I’ve had many cats in my life, but never a cat with so many wonderful qualities! My little B.S. kitten is not frightened by anything, loves everyone, curls up on my lap wherever I go, purrs and gives me kisses all the time and is sweet, playful, laid back and the best companion cat I could imagine. The lilac is a beautiful color and his fur is super soft. I have a couple of other cats, but he is definitely the favored child. ha ha! Thank you so much Cynthia and Diana! I didn’t realize cats could be this awesome!!
Aug 2012
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My wife grew up with British Shorthairs. This was my first. We absolutely love our blue male. He’s more of a lap cat than a typical British Shorthair, which we like, and looks just like the Sire, Tiny. He has the sweetest disposition and is an absolute joy. We looked at quite a few catteries before deciding on Beauty Tracks. You can sense Cynthia cares about her cats and is breeding for all the right reasons. This shows in the cats she breeds. They are incredible. I highly recommend Beauty Tracks.
Apr 2014
One of my students purchased a kitten from you. -Rick- Their son brought him into class to show, and he was a charmer. Rick opened the crate and 22 hands reached out for the cat – usually this frightens them, but their british shorthair thought it was an adventure. His motor started up and he rubbed against all their hands while they laughed and reached for him. He should be a therapy cat! He loved being in 2nd grade! We’ve been wanting a cat again, and I’m loving this breed. So full of personality!
Mar 2012
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