By Mark Jason Huyton

Before bringing home your new kitten it is worthwhile taking some time to consider preparing your home for the new arrival.

First consider what items you will need to bring home that will be needed in the first few days.

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  • Food – your kitten will need food and it is important to remember that kittens require a high protein diet to help them grow, so you should buy a food specially prepared for kittens as this will provide all the nutrients and vitamins required
  • Food & Watering Bowls – Fresh water should be provided at all times, feed your kitten half it’s daily food in the morning and half in the early evening
  • ¬†Scratch Post – these help keep your cats claws in good condition, if you don’t provide a scratch and encourage your kitten to use it, you will probably find your furniture will be used instead
  • Carrier – you will need a suitable carry box to bring your kitten home, this will also be needed for taking your cat on any journeys such as a visit to the vets
  • Bedding – there are lots of pet beds available online or in pet stores, some incorporate a scratch post or you may choose a simple bed. A little experimentation may be needed to find the best place to put the bed, you may find your new friend prefers furniture if the bed is not located where they feel comfortable
  • Litter Tray – a litter tray is essential, your kitten must be kept indoors at first so a suitable litter tray should be provided and filled with cat litter around 2″ in depth. Do not be tempted to use shredded newspaper, this will not absorb odours and could encourage your cat to use newspaper not intended for the purpose
    Brushes and Combs – groom your kitten regularly, even if clean as you need to get your new pet used to being handled and groomed from an early age
  • Toys – kittens love to play, you should have some toys ready



Make sure there are no potential hazards around the home that could be dangerous, things such as electrical wires, sharp objects, utensils, detergents and any plants which may be toxic.When you first bring your new pet home, make sure that you have plenty of time to help your new pet settle in, let them explore the home in their own time, encourage them to use the sleeping area and scratch post and use the toys to play with your new friend.

Unless you plan to breed from your cat it is wise to have them spayed or neutered, your vet will advise you when the best time to have this done is.

Bringing a new kitten in to your home is an exciting time, but remember your kitten is depending on you to provide for all of its needs. Visit our website for a wide range of cat related items including bedding, toys, litter trays and cat scratchers.

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