Update: These wonderful kittens have all found their forever homes!

Wanted to let you know about some updates around our home that you may be interested in.

We have three special kittens that are looking for forever homes. Their loving owners developed severe allergies and had to give up their young ones for their own health. One is a solid blue female, one is a blue/white male and blue/cream female. They are under a year old and each have strong purring motors!

We also have a lilac color point that has retired and is ready for her forever home.

Contact us on my cell at 360-431-5347 or email us at britishblueshorthair@gmail.com if you are interested in one of our precious Brits.

Here are some pictures and a video of the three kittens and our retired lilac color-point for you to get an idea of what they look like. 

They have all received their immunizations.

Personality Descriptions:


DOB 8-2013 (9 months old) blue/white male, has a huge purring motor and loves to have you rub his chin.  Shy at first and very lovable.  He will lay beside you on the chair and likes to hang out together.Zeke British shorthair


DOB 8-2013 (9 months old) blue/cream female, very friendly and playful.  She likes to lay behind me on the back of whatever chair I’m sitting in.  She’ll come behind me and just start purring.  She will also follow you from room to room. She’s adorable.

Zoey British shorthair

Bella– DOB 8-2013 (9 months old) solid blue female, She has silky soft fur. She’s shy  with new settings and with encouragement warms up nicely.  She’s really a sweetie pie and she loves playing with the laser! 

Bella British shorthair