We just got back from a great cat show!  The New Culture Club is in Portland, OR.  It is an International cat show and is full of cats, kittens, vendors and spectators.  This show is a big show. The judges said it was the biggest cat show in the United States.

Competition was strong.  There were 66 other cats that were in the long hair and shorthair division that our cats were competing against.  I believe there were around 295 or more cats, kittens, alters and household pets all together.  It was fun seeing the variety and visiting with friends.  This was our cats first show being shown as a cat (as opposed to a kitten). We showed on Sunday.  This was actually a three day show.  Zoey, our blue/white female did  well although she didn’t get any finals.  Sir Charles, aka ‘Tiny’, did amazing!  He was in five finals.  There were 6 judges on Sunday so he did pretty well for himself.  He earned enough points to be a Champion title, which we’re really happy about.

Tiny gained a little fan club through out the show with the spectators.  He loved having his cheeks rubbed and won some hearts.  His fans kept checking in to see how he was doing.  They’d stop by and let us know they’d voted for him as the spectators choice.  They’d also watch him in the judging ring and once a judge said he was 1 year old.  A lady who was one of his fans, leaned over and said, he’s only 10 months old! And she was right.

Inspecting closely

Inspecting closely

Sir Charles of Beauty Tracks at cat show

On the judging table


British shorthair WCBlues of Beauty Tracks at cat show

Sitting pretty In the judging cage


British shorthair at the cat show

Our Blue/white female being judged

We had the privilege of seeing Stewie, the world’s longest Maine Coon cat at this show too.  Here are some pictures of him.


Stewie, World's largest Maine Coon cat

Stewie, World’s largest Maine Coon cat

Kitty love

Kitty love

Holding hands - super sweet

Holding hands – super sweet

Sadly, Stewie passed away not long after these pictures were taken.  You can read more about Stewie at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/06/stewie-worlds-longest-cat-dead-cancer_n_2629533.html