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New kittens have debuted in Beauty Tracks Cattery!

Five tiny kittens were delivered through the early hours of April 18.  These kittens were Zina’s first.  When the first kitten came out Zina acted like, “OK, I’ve had enough and I’m outta here!”  I placed the kitten in a warmed shoe box with towels for a minute or so,...

Brit kitten playing on Blanket

[socialshare style="hc" title="Share This Page" facebook="yes" twitter="yes" googleplus="yes" color="FAFAFA" bcolor="DDDDDD"] Enjoy the newest addition to our cattery, Zoey, entertain herself playing on a blanket.

Introducing A New Kitten To A Dog

By Lorena D Avila What to do when we have a new kitten in our family and want our dog to accept it? If we don't do a proper introduction of the new kitten to our dog from the very beginning, we might create permanent conflict between both of them, with constant fights...

British shorthair Christmas kitten playing with wrapping paper

Christmas is a magical time and sometimes, the simplest things make the best toys. Enjoy one of our six week old little cream purebred British shorthair kitten enjoying some christmas wrapping paper. ~the simple things in life are the best!

Comparison of British shorthair and Russian shorthair cats

Selecting a cat to become part of your family is a personal choice, and one you should undertake with the most accurate information available. If you are choosing between a Russian blue and a British shorthair, it is advisable to understand the similarities and...

Young kittens playing

Our three week old British shorthair kittens and wrestling and tumbling about as they play with each other.

Things to Know About Cats With Ring Worm

Ringworm is a very ordinary form of skin disease that is known in both dogs and cats. Although its name makes you think otherwise, this skin disease isn’t caused by any variety of worm. It’s essentially caused by fungi known as Dermatophytes that feed on dead tissues...

British shorthair watching Saltwater Tank

This video is of one of our color point British Shorthairs watching our saltwater tank from the back of our couch. She loves to watch the fish. We got a couple different color points to begin breeding when they are old enough. This one is a chocolate point. Her name...

Why Does Cat Sneezing Occur?

Cat sneezing is not a manifestation of the healthful cat. Although it is not uncommon for that cat to sneeze each and every once in awhile, when it turns into as well regular, it demands your instant consideration. Frequent sneezing might be triggered for a quantity...