Selecting a cat to become part of your family is a personal choice, and one you should undertake with the most accurate information available. If you are choosing between a Russian blue and a British shorthair, it is advisable to understand the similarities and differences between the two breeds. If you have seen a British shorthair kitten for sale, there are a few breed traits you should be aware to make sure that the breeder has accurately described the cat.

A British shorthair cat can easily be mistaken for a Russian blue. The blue or silver-gray version of the British shorthair is similar in color to a Russian blue. Both have short, thick bluish fur.  However, a British shorthair kitten has a much more muscular and thick body than a Russian blue kitten. While Russian blues usually have an elongated and elegant body, British shorthairs are more stocky in shape. The British shorthair’s tail is thicker than the Russian blue’s; both taper from the body, but the British shorthair’s tail is more blunt.

The face of a British shorthair is usually more round than that of a Russian blue. Some British shorthairs have the appearance of having chubby cheeks. Russian blues, on the other hand, usually have a more triangular face. Russian blues usually have bright green eyes, whereas British shorthairs that are blue usually have brown eyes. From an aesthetic perspective, both breeds are widely regarded as attractive. The importance of their differences comes down to your personal preference, although we are definitely biased toward British Shorthair cats.

Though all true Russian blues have a blue-gray coat, that is not so of British shorthairs. The British shorthair can be silver-blue, gray, cream, cinnamon, or a combination of these colors. It is not uncommon for British shorthairs to have a tortoise-shell pattern. However, only the silver-blue British shorthair is likely to be mistaken for a Russian blue.

Both types of cat are relatively easy to care for, in terms of grooming. Their short hair is not given to easily tangling or becoming matted, and  moderate brushing and a good diet is all that is necessary to keep the coat looking sleek and healthy. Both the Russian blue and the British shorthair have a calm temperament. However, Russian blues are apt to be vocal, while British shorthairs usually are not.

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