By Lorena D Avila

What to do when we have a new kitten in our family and want our dog to accept it? If we don’t do a proper introduction of the new kitten to our dog from the very beginning, we might create permanent conflict between both of them, with constant fights and stress that turns into a bad quality of life for your pets.

In this article I will share with you simple steps that were given to me by my vet, so you can accomplish this introduction in the best possible way.

Steps to introduce your new kitten to your dog

1. First is keeping the serenity and not getting nervous because the dog will feel that energy from you.

2. You must get into a large room (without too many things in the room), with your kitten well protected between your legs in case anything unexpected happens with your dog. It is recommended that somebody else joins you in the room, but no more than two people.

3. When you are with your kitten in the right position, allow your dog to enter the room, don’t yell at your dog or push it away from the kitten. As soon as your dog gets close to the kitten, pet your cat and let your dog get closer. Allow your dog to smell the cat and then pet your dog with lots of affection.

4. If your dog starts barking at the kitten, don’t yell at your dog. Just look at it and say NO with a firm voice. Don’t let your dog leave the room, just allow it to be with the kitten, the time will come when the dog will calm down and will decide to inspect the new “element”.

5. Once your dog starts inspecting the new kitten, pet your dog again with lots of love and ask your partner to take the dog out of the room.

6. Repeat this step until they become comfortable with each other, but never allow your kitten to leave your legs as it is the way you protect it from a possible bad reaction from your dog.

7. As the days pass and when finally your dog stops barking at the kitten and starts showing more curiosity, allow the kitten walk toward the dog, always under your vigilance. Never threat or yell at your dog, only if you see inappropriate behavior from it, say NO firmly and separate the kitten from the dog.

This can take several days but don’t get frustrated. Remember don’t pressure the situation or yourself, just give it some time. To make this process go smoothly, be calm and patience because your pets will notice it.

How to facilitate the integration between your dog and kitten.

To make the integration easier, keep separate and very well defined individual spaces for both animals. With their own food bowl, their own water fountain and their own bed. Feed them separately too and keep each pet toy apart as well to avoid confrontations in these first days.

The separation of all the elements will make it easier for the dog to accept the kitten and not consider it as a “threat or a room thief”. Your dog as an old family member, has already defined spaces in the house, considered by your dog as its territory.

Spoil your dog during the first days

If your dog is already spoiled, spoil it even more! Once you have introduced your kitten to your dog, make sure to give your dog lots of love and affection. This way your dog won’t feel you are switching your love just to the new member.

Once your dog feels comfortable with your behavior, start playing with both pets at the same time so this way they understand their position and the nature of their relationship at home, instead of feeling each other as distant entities.

After a few days or at the most a week, your dog and the kitten will be able to live in peace and you will enjoy the love of your pets.

Good luck!

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