Litter of British shorthair kittensFive tiny kittens were delivered through the early hours of April 18.  These kittens were Zina’s first.  When the first kitten came out Zina acted like, “OK, I’ve had enough and I’m outta here!”  I placed the kitten in a warmed shoe box with towels for a minute or so, then held her kitten so she could smell it.  From then on, she’s been a mama, first and foremost!

She is quite convinced our dark shaded and cozy area set up for her and her kittens is not satisfactory.  The towel closet, behind the desk, the regular closet or under the book shelves are a far superior choice for raising her kittens.  We’ll see how well this works out when they begin to scamper around!

Update: May 21, 2012

Well the kittens are growing and showing their increased independence now.  Their mama has relaxed to some extent…At least she doesn’t try to hide them in the closet now!  She is still ever watchful and makes sure she is right there every time we interact with her kittens, which is frequently.  Be sure to contact us and reserve one of these kittens that is for sale!