Meet the Much Loved Cats at Beauty Tracks Cattery.
Linda says…
One of my students purchased a kitten from you. -Rick- Their son brought him into class to show, and he was a charmer. Rick opened the crate and 22 hands reached out for the cat – usually this frightens them, but their British shorthair thought it was an adventure. His motor started up and he rubbed against all their hands while they laughed and reached for him. He should be a therapy cat! He loved being in 2nd grade! We’ve been wanting a cat again, and I’m loving this breed. So full of personality!

Our Male British Shorthairs:

RW QGC McSmitten Maverick of BeautyTracks

We Call Him: Maverick
Gender: MALE
Color: Blue


Maverick is following in the foot steps of his Daddy, (see Tiny below) Maverick is a muscular and friendly sweetheart.

Danilo Moore Blanc/WC

We Call Him: Danilo
Gender: MALE
Color: Blue Golden Shaded


 Danilo is a sweet loverboy!


We Call Him: Funfetti
Gender: MALE
Color: Lilac
Award Won: TICA Champion 2020
Award Won: TICA Northwest Region’s 2021 Third Best Lilac British Shorthair Of The Year award


Funfetti is our lover boy!
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Our Female British Shorthairs:

Sienna Gods Reward Of Beautytracks

We Call Her: Sienna
Gender: FEMALE
Color: Golden shaded

Sienna loves people and likes to run the show.

 Our Retired British Shorthairs:Not Available for adoption

RW QGC WC Blues Sir Charles of Beauty Tracks

We Call Him: TINY
Gender: MALE
Color: BLUE
Award Won: Quadruple Grand Champion
Award Won: TICA Northwest Region’s 2013 Best Blue British Shorthair Of The Year award
Award Won: TICA Northwest Region’s 2013 Eighteenth Best Shorthair Cat Of The Year award

Mr Tiny, as we call him, has done very well in the shows. It took him 4 days to earn his Quadruple Grand Champion title. And two of the shows were very competitive! Thank you Jennifer for our amazing boy! Tiny was our foundation kitty and is the love of my life.  He has retired now and keeps a watchful eye on his son, Maverick, (see above) who is following nicely in his foot steps.

We Call Her: Katie
Gender: FEMALE
Color: BLUE
Award Won: TICA Champion 2018
Katie loves people and wants to be in charge of the goings on.
Andrew says…
My wife grew up with British Shorthairs. This was my first. We absolutely love our blue male. He’s more of a lap cat than a typical British Shorthair, which we like, and looks just like the Sire, Tiny. He has the sweetest disposition and is an absolute joy. We looked at quite a few catteries before deciding on Beauty Tracks. You can sense Cynthia cares about her cats and is breeding for all the right reasons. This shows in the cats she breeds. They are incredible. I highly recommend Beauty Tracks.
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