About 6:30 am yesterday, I woke up and heard one of our cats meow. It didn’t sound at all distressed.  Just a meow.  I commented to my husband that I wondered if one of our cats was in labor.  He said, “Oh, they’re just getting after each other.”  Something told me there may be more to it than that.  So I got up and went to do some detective work.


I found Daisey, my youngest son’s blue/cream girl, walking around and meowing every now and then.  This is very atypical for her as I don’t ever remember even hearing her meow before.  A quick fanny check confirmed kittens would be debuting sometime soon, so I set her up in her already prepared kitty condo.  I was feeling a little smug that I had interpreted her noises correctly, when I heard what sounded like a kitten meow.  Now I was unsure, had she already delivered?  Her belly was still big.  Then the sound came again!  There must a kitten somewhere.  I looked in laundry room and in a couple possible hideaways.  Nothing.  Opened the garage and turned on light.  Nothing.  Hmmm…  Rechecked the laundry room. Nothing.  There was a kitten somewhere and I had to find it!


Went back into the garage and there behind the step and on the cement was Mocha, my daughter’s cat, sitting among kittens.  Wow.  Cold cement and newborn kittens are not a good mix!  I quickly carried them and their mama to their own kitty condo, threw a towel in the dryer then wrapped the kittens in it once it was warm.  Within 10 minutes, Mocha delivered another kitten.  This was turning out to be a very interesting morning!  Soon, all Mocha’s kittens were warmed up and snuggling with their mama, sweet as could be.


I was to be at work but I told my husband I was going to be late!  (There are a few benefits to having your own business)  As he was driving off to work, I noticed Nika, my other son’s cat was leaking mucus.  Oh my goodness.  Three all at once?  Right into her kitty condo, went Nika.


After another two hours, Nika and Daisey were definitely in labor but no kittens had shown their wrinkly faces and cute noses yet.  I really had to go to the office.  I woke my two boys and showed them all the supplies that were ready to be used.  I gave them a couple quick pointers on delivering kittens as well.  They have been part of other deliveries so they already had experience.  I told them to call and keep me updated on progress and I dashed away to work.


Well, my boys were able to successfully help Nika and Daisey deliver their healthy kittens!  Everything went quite smoothly.  The only challenge was that Daisey, who had never had kittens before, wanted away from whatever was causing her discomfort.  She climbed to the top shelf in her condo and left her kittens at the bottom.  Then she proceeded to have her kittens on the top shelf.  My boys protected the kittens from falling and safely brought them down.  They moved Daisey down and removed the shelf!  Their good thinking resulted in Daisey realizing her kittens weren’t to be shunned and she has taken to being a new mama as though it’s the natural thing to do.


And now, between Nika, Mocha and Daisey, we have blue, black, cream, and blue/cream British shorthair kittens! We’ll be posting pictures of the darling little ones on our Available kittens page soon.


You may wonder how we ended up with so many pregnant girls all at once.  Well that is another story.  Click here to read about it.